QUINAULT BEACH CASINO Located on the beach, this casino is a premier destination. Find a day spa, an indoor pool, fitness center, restaurants, lounges with entertainment and Las Vegas-style casino for big-league gaming. Address: 78 State Route 115, Ocean Shores, WA 98569 Phone: 360 289 9466 Hours: 9:00am to 5:00am Email: info@quinaultbeachresort.com Website: QuinaultBeachResort.com     more info »


Ocean air, freshwater canals, deer & towering evergreens, pounding surf! Come golf a legend...Driving range, clubhouse & pro-shop too. Address: 500 Canal Drive NE Phone: 360.289.3357 Website: OceanShoresGolf.com  

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GRAYS HARBOR NATIONAL WILDLIFE REFUGE Shorebirds migrating from as far away as Argentina stop to rest in Grays Harbor each spring. The open mudflats provide ample food for the birds and great wildlife viewing opportunities for the public. Address: 1380 Airport Way, Hoquiam, WA? Phone: 360 532 1924 Website: fws.gov     more info »

OCEN SHORES INTERPRETIVE CENTER The Interpretative Center provides information and programming to local citizens, tourists, teacher, schools and convention groups. Address: 1033 Catala Ave. SE Ocean Shores, Washington 98569 Phone: 360 289 4617 Hours: Summer - Open Daily 11:00am to 4:00pm Winter - Open Saturday & Sunday 11:00am to 4:00pm Website: OceanShoresInterpretiveCenter.com     more info »


Block Week calendar for Park Place Condominiums

Block Week 2018 2019 2020 2021
A 1 29-Dec 28-Dec 27-Dec 1-Jan
B 2 5-Jan 4-Jan 3-Jan 8-Jan
Maint 3 12-Jan 11-Jan 10-Jan 15-Jan
Maint 4 19-Jan 18-Jan 17-Jan 22-Jan
Maint X X X 24-Jan X
C 5 26-Jan 25-Jan 31-Jan 29-Jan
D 6 2-Feb 1-Feb 7-Feb 5-Feb
E 7 9-Feb 8-Feb 14-Feb 12-Feb
F 8 16-Feb 15-Feb 21-Feb 19-Feb
G 9 23-Feb 22-Feb 28-Feb 26-Feb
H 10 2-Mar 1-Mar 6-Mar 5-Mar
I 11 9-Mar 8-Mar 13-Mar 12-Mar
J 12 16-Mar 15-Mar 20-Mar 19-Mar
A 13 23-Mar 22-Mar 27-Mar 26-Mar
B 14 30-Mar 29-Mar 3-Apr 2-Apr
C 15 6-Apr 5-Apr 10-Apr 9-Apr
D 16 13-Apr 12-Apr 17-Apr 16-Apr
E 17 20-Apr 19-Apr 24-Apr 23-Apr
F 18 27-Apr 26-Apr 1-May 30-Apr
G 19 4-May 3-May 8-May 7-May
H 20 11-May 10-May 15-May 14-May
I 21 18-May 17-May 22-May 21-May
J 22 25-May 24-May 29-May 28-May
A 23 1-Jun 31-May 5-Jun 4-Jun
B 24 8-Jun 7-Jun 12-Jun 11-Jun
C 25 15-Jun 14-Jun 19-Jun 18-Jun
D 26 22-Jun 21-Jun 26-Jun 25-Jun
E 27 29-Jun 28-Jun 3-Jul 2-Jul
F 28 6-Jul 5-Jul 10-Jul 9-Jul
G 29 13-Jul 12-Jul 17-Jul 16-Jul
H 30 20-Jul 19-Jul 24-Jul 23-Jul
I 31 27-Jul 26-Jul 31-Jul 30-Jul
J 32 3-Aug 2-Aug 7-Aug 6-Aug
A 33 10-Aug 9-Aug 14-Aug 13-Aug
B 34 17-Aug 16-Aug 21-Aug 20-Aug
C 35 24-Aug 23-Aug 28-Aug 27-Aug
D 36 31-Aug 30-Aug 4-Sep 3-Sep
E 37 7-Sep 6-Sep 11-Sep 10-Sep
F 38 14-Sep 13-Sep 18-Sep 17-Sep
G 39 21-Sep 20-Sep 25-Sep 24-Sep
H 40 28-Sep 27-Sep 2-Oct 1-Oct
I 41 5-Oct 4-Oct 9-Oct 8-Oct
J 42 12-Oct 11-Oct 16-Oct 15-Oct
A 43 19-Oct 18-Oct 23-Oct 22-Oct
B 44 26-Oct 25-Oct 30-Oct 29-Oct
C 45 2-Nov 1-Nov 6-Nov 5-Nov
D 46 9-Nov 8-Nov 13-Nov 12-Nov
E 47 16-Nov 15-Nov 20-Nov 19-Nov
F 48 23-Nov 22-Nov 27-Nov 26-Nov
G 49 30-Nov 29-Nov 4-Dec 3-Dec
H 50 7-Dec 6-Dec 11-Dec 10-Dec
I 51 14-Dec 13-Dec 18-Dec 17-Dec
J 52 21-Dec 20-Dec 25-Dec 24-Dec

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